Download Yu-Gi-OH! 5DS World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus (Europe) DS ROM  

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For all the Yu-gi-oh fans out there, the European release for the Yu-gi-oh! 5DS World Championship 2011: Over The Nexus DS rom is finally here. Yet the game is multi-language you can still get this copy for your very own region and be able to play it with your ds console. In order to play this game you will need to continue in reading this article for we will further guide you for more information about on how to play this game into your ds console.

First of all, Cheers to you avid fans out there, to download this game for free you will need to visit the official site of Xenophobia NDS Roms and Firmware. One you are in the site download directly from there. In order for you to play it into your ds console you will need to have the latest firmware of your DS Storage Device. One of the most common DS Storage device is R4 (others are: TTDS-DSTT, CycloDS, M3Real, Akaio and other R4 Clones). Now when you have this device go back to the mentioned site above and get the rom from there, download it and extract it into your desktop. Once you have done this plug the sd card of your R4 device into the PC. You will need to reformat the SD card in order for it to work perfectly. Once done, copy the firmware files into the root of your SD card. Copy the Yu-gi-oh rom into the root of your sd card as well, and of course your other favorite games like pokemon black and white. Now, safely remove your sd card and place it into your R4 Cartridge unto the DS Console. Turn on your DS console and you will have a perfectly working DS game. If you won’t download the latest firmware for your DS Storage device the game might not work correctly and might show some black screen problems or freezes.

Now if you dont have a DS Console then thats not a problem at all, because we will emulate the DS Game into your PC. In order to do this go into the mentioned site above and get the emulator there. There are 2 emulators there, the desmume and the no$ gba. I prefer and advice that you download the desmume because it works perfectly and you will not need any code for the game in order to play it. Once you have downloaded this, extract it into your desktop, make a folder for and then run the desmume.exe; thus, choose the game you want to play and run it from there.

I hope I have given everyone a good advice on where to download and how to play the game without a problem. Again just visit : or CLICK HERE.

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